Discover Which 1 of These 9 Main Challenges is Stopping You From Meal Planning (and Learn 3 Simple Ways To Overcome Them)

So, you love food. Maybe a bit too much (if you are anything like me).

Just kidding, there is no such thing as too much. Food is amazing. Which is why you've thought about meal planning, isn’t it? Or, is it another reason?

Do you want to…

Eat healthier?

Lose weight?

Bulk up?

Save money?

Save time?

These are the most common reasons why people like you and me begin to meal plan. But, meal planning itself can bring a whole load of new stumbling blocks that you may not have originally anticipated.

Even though you have the best of intentions, and perhaps even the most basic of meal plan for the week, I’ll bet you find yourself struggling to commit? Maybe to the point where you feel proud on the weeks you actually do stick to your meal plan for the whole week? Sounds like you, right?

Well, there’s two bits of good news, so don’t worry!


You are not alone - through discussions with friends, sharing on meal planning forums and in Facebook groups I have come across over 60+ different stumbling blocks that people have faced when beginning to meal plan.


Hmm… that sounds a lot. But, here’s the second bit of good news. It turns out that, generally, each individual stumbling block can be categorised into 1 of 9 main challenges. Wondering how that affects you? Well, if you have been struggling to commit, but not sure where you are going wrong or you have no idea what your stumbling block is out of the 60+, the chances are you too, will have hit one of these 9 main challenges.

Below, you will find a full list of the 9 main challenges.  Select the one that resonates with you the most to learn 3 simple ways to easily overcome the challenge. That doesn’t sound as overwhelming now, does it?

Which 1 of the 9 main challenges has been stopping you from meal planning consistently?

You can use the arrows < > to the right hand side to scroll through the challenges.

If you need any help creating a simple meal plan that works for you, feel free to shoot me an email over at - looking forward to hearing from you!