9. Your Family Members are Picky Eaters

My family rarely want to stick with the plan I use.
— You

Coming up with meals that that your whole family like can feel impossible at times. If your kids are fussy when to comes to food, then it can be a real struggle to get your family to stick to the meal plan you have created.

The KEY to successful meal planning when your family members are picky eaters, is to get them involved! If you give your kids a choice in what’s on the weekly menu then you will find they will be much more open to it throughout the week.  

Here are the 3 ways to create a simple weekly meal plan when your family members are picky eaters


Start by getting your family together and making a list of each of your favourite meals that are quick and easy to make - it is a good idea to stick it on the fridge then you can always add to it.


Then, use meals from this to create your first meal plan. Encourage your kids to choose one meal each for the plan.


Then, get your kids involved in helping make the meal they have chosen. They will usually be much more inclined to eat the food when they have been part of the creative process and you will be teaching them life skills along the way as well as enjoying quality time with them. It’s a win-win all round, really.