7. It Feels Impossible to Find Help for a 7-Day Plan

I am left on my own for half the week.
— You

Many ready made meal plans allow for flexibility in their approach which is great for many, but if you are a complete beginner this approach can quickly leave you feeling like you are alone, and not covered for every day of the week.

Here are the 3 ways to create a simple weekly meal plan when it feels impossible to find help for a 7-day plan


The KEY to successful meal planning when you find it impossible to find help for a 7 day plan is to speak up, and ask. Remember, you are not alone and a lot of people out there would love to help you. Try searching ‘meal planning groups’ on Facebook and ask for support from like minded people in the groups.


You could also look for services that offer set weekly meal plans. Googling 'weekly meal plan blogs' is a great place to start. If you find one that you like the look of that doesn't account for all seven days, ask for help for additional ideas from the relevant blogger, or in the Facebook groups mentioned above. I’m pretty sure most would be more than willing to help you.


Finally, as you create new meals, keep a record of all the ones you enjoyed. Keep adding to it and eventually, you will have a huge catalogue of your favourite meals, which you will then be able to pull up 7 for a week's meal plan when needed (or a few extras to complete a ready-made meal plan).