3. You Don't Feel Organised Enough

Life happens...
— You

You may only have small storage space available or kids that eat the food you have planned a meal for. You may be terrible at using all of the ingredients up, or stuff might just come up meaning you don’t cook what you planned that night. Simply put, the organisation is a struggle for you.

The KEY to successful meal planning when you don’t feel organised enough is to start with just one thing at a time, to prevent feeling overwhelmed, or wasting food and money. The idea is to learn to become more organised, by just changing one cooking habit at a time, which will eventually become second nature.

Here are the 3 ways to create a simple weekly meal plan when you don't feel organised enough


Begin by making a list of all the food you already have available in your house, in your cupboards, fridge and freezer. See if you can make any meals from this.


Then put a list together of your favourite meals that don’t require much prep. It could be a jarred sauce with pasta, or steamed fish with new potatoes - basically, meals that you can grab the ingredients from the shop on the day and cook with little time when you get home.


Finally, shorten your meal plan. Don’t try to plan for a full week to begin with, start with just two or three days. That will give you flexibility to use up the leftovers and you will be less challenging to use up perishables before they go bad!