2. You Get Bored Easily

I just don’t feel like that tonight.
— You

Life may be easier when meal planning, but it is no fun when you are recycling the same food over and over. Nothing makes you want to quit meal planning more than eating cottage pie for four nights in a row.

The KEY to successful meal planning when you get bored easily is to make sure you mix up your meals frequently. Sounds easy, right? But, you would be surprised how many of us stick to the same four or five meals, out of routine more than anything.

Here are the 3 ways to create a simple weekly meal plan when you get bored easily


To get out of your boring dinner time rut and make mealtimes more interesting, create a master list of all your favourite meals. Set a timer on your phone for 10 minutes and write down as many as you can. Then, stick it on your fridge and add to it whenever you think of, or discover a new favourite meal.


Then, set yourself goals each week. It could be as simple as incorporating one new ingredient into one of your favourite meals. Or it could be as involved as a competition with the members of your family or friends, come dine with me style, by taking it in turns to cook a new dish and rate each other's food. Whatever suits your household best. But, the key is to mix it up and keep it fun and lighthearted.


Finally, pick a few of your favourite meals from your list and create your first simple meal plan using these meals, and at least one new recipe using the goal you have set yourself.