1. You Have a Busy Schedule

Confused, how do I meal plan when I work full time?
— You

I hear you. In today’s busy world, prep time can be time consuming. Even the cooking itself can be. Or the clean up after. With a busy, or an ever changing schedule, finding the time for this can even feel impossible at times. And let’s be real, when you do miraculously find spare time, you would rather spend that with your family. Right?

Here are the 3 ways to create a simple weekly meal plan when you have a busy schedule


The KEY to successful meal planning when you have a busy schedule is always thinking two steps ahead. Yes, this will mean a little organisation, but it will save you so much stress and time in the long run. Start by writing a list of your family's schedule, to see where you have the most spare time. If it changes week by week, simply carve out 10 minutes every 7 days to plan for the week ahead.


Next, write down a list of your family's favourite quick meals, that can be made from your cupboard essentials. Examples could be tuna pasta bake, chilli and rice… Aim to always keep the ingredients needed for these in for those time-strapped nights.


On your days with the most time to spare, try to make meals that can be made in bulk and frozen (as this doesn't take much extra time). Freeze the extras in single portion containers, so that even when you and your family are on different schedules, you all get a decent meal! When you are comfortable doubling, move to tripling, and then even quadrupling if you feel up to the challenge. Eventually, you will have an amazing freezer selection of home cooked meals ready to grab and go. On your more busy nights, stick to quick ‘cupboard essential’ meals, or when you have a stock, your ready made freezer meals.